Perform screen is where you spice up your performance, resample with the 16 live effects applied and mix and record your song. Play around with effect combinations to find your signature sound. Get creative by resampling over and over with some effects applied.

Pro tip: get to know what the effects do by listening to how they affect your sound with different settings. A hair thin amount of an effect might add an interesting depth to your sound or create a texture.

6.1. Perform a Song

Perform screen

Start/stop the sequencer and switch between the sequences similar to the PERFORM screen.

Use the effect bars to add effects to the full mix. On the phone, effects are broken down into two pages, STRAWBERRY and VANILLA when in vertical mode. Flip your phone horizontally to see all 16 effects at the same time.

6.2. Record a Song

Song record armed

Select RECORD SONG from the MAIN MENU. Engage record mode by pressing PLAY button. Once you stop playback, recording will stop too and you will be prompted to save your song.

Pro tip: add a few empty bars or switch to an empty sequence to add a tail to your recording.

6.3. Live Effect Controls

Stepped FX

Signal path for the effects section is top left to bottom right. Tempo locked effects are divided into several horizontal sections. Each section is locked to a tempo division. STUTTER and CUTTER are tempo locked.

Directional FX

Effects with directional modulation are divided in the middle. PITCH, FILTER and VIBROFLANGE modulate differently depending on where you slide from the middle.

Live FX simple

Effects without any marks simply increase the amount of effect applied. Every other effect

Read more about live effects.

Pro tip: Koala’s COMPRESSOR creates a ducking, almost sidechained effect when cranked up.

Perfomance Screen

Image: HOLD engaged with all effects active

All effects are applied on tap and disengage on release. Press the HOLD button to make effects stick after release. Use all your fingers to add several effects simultaneously. All 16 effects can be active at the same time.

6.4. Mixer

Koala features a powerful mixer with four channels and a master section. Each channel offers five slots for effects. Put up to five effects to the MAIN channel to create your personal mastering chain.

Note: MIXER is an in-app purchase. Tap on MIXER in the bottom right of the screen and you’ll be prompted to purchase the update.

Mixer channel dropdown

Route pads to different channels from the SAMPLE screen. The volume bar in the mixer section will show you which channels have pads routed to them

Change channel volume

Drag the red level bars on any channel to change it’s volume.

Rename channel

Tap the label (BUS A, BUS B, BUS C, BUS D) to change the name of the channel.

Muted mixer channel

Tap the M button below any channel to mute it. Tap the S button to solo a channel.

6.5. Mixer Effects Controls

Mixer full stack

Tap any of the free slots to bring up the effect selection screen.

Move effects

Once added, tap and drag enabled effects to change their order within the effect chain. Experiment with different combinations and sequences to develop your signature sound.

Delete effects

To remove any effect, open it, then tap on the hamburger menu and select DELETE.

Read more about available mixer effects.