3.1. Add samples to pads

Record to pad

Koala’s default input source is the mic of your device. Tap and hold any empty pad to start recording. Make noises, release the pad when done. This input source changes to the audio interface is one is connected to your device.

Tap on FX button to activate mic effects. Use one of the eight input FX to mangle the input signal during the recording.

Change input to import file

Switch the input source selector to IMPORT FILE. Tapping empty pads will now bring up the file selector screen.

Drag samples over to empty pads to assign them. Tap the load button to assign a selected sample to the next free pad.

Import audio from file browser

Another way to import samples is loading them from file browser or the sample library in Koala.

Audio from video files can be imported by selecting import video in the main menu.

Resample from app

Switch the input source to RESAMPLE FROM APP to record a sequence or live performance to a pad. Tap a pad you want to record to to activate recording. Play the pads or a sequence you want to record. Tap the recording pad again to stop the recording.

3.2 Record a Sequence

Switch to the sequence screen to start recording your sequences.

Tempo dropdown

Tap on tempo next to play and record buttons to adjust the tempo, time signature and quantization for your song.

Tap on metronome to enable or disable the metronome sound.

Bars dropdown

Select any free sequence slot. Adjust the length of your sequence by tapping on bars dropdown.

Record sequence

Tap the record button to start recording a sequence. Play pads with samples while sequencer is running to live record a sequence.

Sequence note grid screen

Double tap on any sequence to open the note grid editor. Each row corresponds to pads, starting with bank A pad 1 and going down to bank D pad 16.

Placing notes on the grid

Tap within the grid view to place and remove notes.

Edit notes

Tap and drag the end or beginning of any note to extend its length.

3.3. Perform a Song

PERFORM screen is used to perform your song, play live effects, tweak the mix and record your performance.

Performance screen

Tap play, switch between sequences by tapping on them and use live effects by tapping and holding respective effects. All 16 effects can be used simultaneously through multi-touch.

Hold button

Image: hold button pressed

Tap hold button to lock in live effects without the need to tap and hold them.

Record song option

Select record song in the main menu to live record your performance. Tap play button to start the recording, tap stop when finished. The recording will be saved as WAV file.

Save song

Change the name in the pop-up window and tap on save. You will be able to select the destination folder after that.