10.1. Samurai

Samurai In-App purchase enables advanced features of Koala.

10.1.1. Timestretch


Time stretching allows locking the playback of the sample to a specific set of beats and bars synced to the tempo of your song. 3 unique algorithms to stretch your samples so they fit perfectly with your song’s BPM, and change pitch independently of time. MODERN algorithm sounds buttery smooth, RETRO emulates classic sampler granular timestretch, and BEATS uses transients in your sample to make chops and loops to extend or shorten your sample.

10.1.2. Piano Roll

Piano roll

Edit your sequences on a grid, change pitch and velocity, also useful functions like copy/paste, reverse, stretch and legato are built-in.

10.1.3. Autochop


Slices your beats automatically, auto (threshold based), manual and the classic MPC like lazy chop.

10.1.4. 3 Band EQ

3 Band EQ

Fine-tune your mix effortlessly. Tonally sculpt your sounds with a powerful 3 band equalizer.

10.2. MIXER


Mixer in-app purchase adds the mixer section to the PERFORM screen.

Send busses

Send pads to 4 channels of the mixer for detailed mixing and processing with up to 5 effects per channel.

Read more about mixer effects.


Adjust overall sound with fine tuned gain staging per channel. Mute and solo channels during the performance of your song.

Mixer effects

Add up to 5 effects to the master channel to get that unique character to your song.